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PEACE Disaster Relief

Click here to sign up for the PEACE Disaster Relief Traing Seminar on Saturday, September 21st from 9:00am to 5:00pm



The PEACE Plan

When you take CLASS 401 at Oak Ridge, you learn about how to live your life on mission making a difference in the world around you. The PEACE Plan is ORBC's strategy for tackling the 5 global giants and bringing God's peace to a broken world. Through PEACE, we impact our own community as well as partner with local churches around the world to bring lasting change in their communities.

Oak Ridge members are engaged in a variety of volunteer-based PEACE initiatives such as:

  • School partnerships
  • National church partnerships (e.g. South Dakota)
  • International church partnerships (e.g. China, Peru, Macedonia, Paris, West Africa)
  • Caring for the sick and elderly in our community
  • Jail and prison ministries
  • Money management ministries
  • Literacy projects
  • Construction teams
  • Medical/dental teams
  • Drug & alcohol recovery
  • and so much more!

Ready to jump in and change your world?

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Want to know more about the partnership model?  Check out this video...