Service Times: 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, & 6:00pm



The Landing

Welcome to

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a safe place for students to express themselves and learn necessary tools to find freedom and victory over hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

Friday nights 6-9pm

The Landing is for students who want more out of life than what they are getting.

This could be learning to deal with pain, finding freedom from an addiction or just getting help with a hang-up they can’t seem to move past.

Whatever the reason for attending, healing can be the result.

“Looks can be deceiving, you think I have it all together, but on the inside, I’m hurting, struggling, hung-up, even addicted, but I found out I am not alone!”

You are not alone!

 The Landing is for students who have hurts they can’t deal with, hang-ups which have them spinning, or habits they can’t control...

Violence   *   Abuse   *   Alcohol
Food Issues   *   Pornography
Cutting   *   Drugs   *   Guilt
Experimenting with Sex
Having an Abortion
and so much more

The Landing is a ministry of Celebrate Recovery at Oak Ridge Baptist Church designed for students ages 12-17 and is offered free of charge.

For more information contact Danny.